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HiveStack Screenshot
Role: Full Stack Developer

An application to help coders and other remote workers find public wifi to work away from home as well as rate the places they've worked.

Built with React on the front end and a Node/Express backend with a Postgres database.

Student Artco screenshot
Student Artco
Role: Team Lead and Web Developer

A platform for schools to offer artwork to their community to gather donations to support their underfunded art programs.

Built using React, GraphQL, Node, and PostgreSQL.

Mission Control screenshot
Mission Control
Role: Team Lead and Web Developer

A SaaS program management tool. Our stakeholder manages dozens of products at a time and needed a tool to give a fast high level view of all active products and projects.

Built using React, Prisma, Apollo, GraphQL, and URQL.


Here are some of my skills.

Responsive Design

I can create responsive websites and applications using HTML and CSS. Knowledge of mobile first and desktop first design strategies.


I have experience using CSS including concepts such as Flexbox and CSS Grid. Knowledge of preprocessors like LESS and Sass as well as libraries such as Material-UI.


Experience using JavaScript to create dynamic and interactive use expeiences. Solid understanding of JS fundamentals such as promises, hoisting, and closures.


Experience creating single page applications using client side routing. Complex state management using Redux and Context API.


Creating custom APIs with full CRUD functionality using NodeJS and Express. Experience designing and creating relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL) as well as NoSQL databases (MongoDB).


Understanding of algorithms and data structures including concepts such as time complexity, arrays, graphs, binary search trees, and problem solving.

About Me

I love to solve problems and build awesome products!

Ami Scott

Ami Scott

Web Developer

Ami Scott is a full stack web developer who loves tackling problems, creating things, and delivering user friendly features.

They have spent the last year working as a teaching assistant and team lead for new web development students at Lambda School. They love mentoring new developers and working alongside them in interesting and in-depth products.

When they aren't coding Ami loves painting, rock hunting, and spending time with their cats.